EPRI is in Mozambique!


BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Agostinho Pessane, Provincial Director of Women and Social Action of Maputo Province, Ms. Lucia Bernardete, Director of INAS (National Institute of Social Action), Mr. Dionisio Matos (OVC Program Manager at USAID), Dr. Michael Samson (Director of Research at EPRI), Mr. Graciano Langa, Deputy Director of Planning and Corporation (MMAS), Mr. Miguel Mausse, National Director of Social Action (MMAS), Ms. Tania Vaz, Director of Human Resources (MMAS). SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Her Excellency Ms. Yolanda Cintura, Minister of Women and Social Action (MMAS), Ms. Ingrid van Niekerk, Executive Co-Director and Senior Researcher, District Administrator of Namaacha.

EPRI has been hosting a social protection course, Desenho e Implementação de Programas de Proteção Social em Moçambique in Namaacha, Mozambique from 3-15 August 2014, and has just entered the second week of training. Around 62 policy makers from all over Mozambique is attending the course.

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